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Will Work For Food

will work for food

Yes, I was THAT mom.  For more than 10 years, I was a stay-at-home mom.  When you can only rely on yourself and your family for low budget entertainment, sometimes this is all you can come up with!  I have collected a lot of pictures, but this is one of my most memorable.

This picture conjures up a visual of The Little Red Hen in my mind.  To make a long story short, the hen solicited the help of the other farm animals to assist her and her chicks in planting the grain, but they were busy and disinterested.  She later invited them to participate in the other activities such as harvesting, threshing, milling the flour and finally baking the bread.    Again, they were quite too busy to help.  When the fresh hot bread came out of the oven, she asked who would help eat it.  Miraculously, the busy farm animals were suddenly available.  In the not-so-subtle moral of the story, she informed the lazy animals that since they were too busy to help put the food on the table, then they were not welcome to enjoy the finished product.  She, along with her chicks who worked alongside her, finished every crumb while the farm animals sadly watched.

This is how life works.   This wise mother hen was teaching her young chicks the value of work so they could take care of themselves without starving.  Maybe it was because she wanted to be sure that they could take care of themselves when they no longer had her to depend on.  Or maybe it was because there was no basement in the hen house and space was at a premium.  Either way, she did her part to ensure that her chicks had the tools to become independent.  The rest of the farm animals were never heard from again, so we can only speculate what happened to them.

I hope I have taught this lesson well to my own girls.  This picture will always be a reminder to them that in this house, even the FOOD works for food!

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