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Resisting the Path of Least Resistance


Take a look at my linked video if you haven’t already seen it.  This morning, I rode my bike to my favorite thinking spot to sit on a rock and watch the sparkling river glide effortlessly downstream.  Miraculously, I am able to take almost any situation and conform it to one of my two favorite topics which are parenting and money. Today’s session was no different.

I watched the river as it flowed, effortlessly and unopposed, down a narrow channel as it made its way toward a much larger body of water. Well, I should say that MOST of the water took this path of least resistance.  The part of the river that I fixated on was the rocks.  I noticed that the water moving toward the rocks slowed down tremendously.  It seemed to slow down, bump into, then go around the rocks.

In my mind, this was analogous to life.  Many people are just flowing through life, without opposition.  I thought of my own daughters and what I want for them and how I fit into this river scene.  In my experience, I didn’t learn much when I was flowing through life without effort.    The most beneficial times for me were when rocks were positioned in my path.   I was forced to slow down, think and learn.    I want to BE the rock that slows them down.  I AM the resistance.  I don’t want them to be slowed down by too many rocks, but I want the assurance that they can navigate the waters when I am no longer able to help.  They are headed towards the boundless ocean where they must swim without me.  I hope that their lifetime of “bumping into” the rock has given them the strength to find their way in the ocean.  Don’t be afraid to BE THE ROCK!

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