Money Isn’t Everything but Mine’s Gone; Would You Mind Giving Me Some of Yours?


I had heard the news story before I watched Dave Ramsey’s video, but it was interesting to listen to his take on it as well as read some of the comments that followed. I realized that this topic is of great relevance to the Launch Lady’s mission.

To paraphrase the story, a 24-year-old and 26-year-old couple were already tired of working so they quit and set out to live their dream. They were discouraged that most of their days had been spent working, and most of the proceeds were used just to fund the necessities of life. Who among us has not felt this way? They sold everything they owned to buy an old sailboat with the intention to live on it and sail around the world. Having a dream is something that most people lack, and for that I commend them. They took an action towards their goal, which is admirable as well.  However…

Sometimes plans and goals require a Plan B. Plan B usually requires a cash reserve in case Plan A blows up. If these young adults were in my family, I’d be devastated for their misfortune. I know I am not alone in that I can’t stand to see my kids face disappointment. It would be an excruciating and unpopular conversation to tell them that while I’m so sorry for their temporary setback, that they would need to work for a while to save up again for their dream. I don’t want to be harshly critical, because the University of Hard Knocks has a tendency to provide a valuable education. Unfortunately, the tuition is very expensive and this story is no exception to that rule. But thanks to the kindness of folks responding to a GoFundMe account, the tuition was waived for these folks.

Many adults with family responsibilities have dreams as well. These same adults may even have loathsome jobs that they work just to pay the bills. Maybe they plan to pursue some of their own lifelong dreams when they have successfully emancipated their own children. Maybe a GoFundMe campaign would get them to their dreams a little more quickly. Or maybe, they could instill in their progeny, a work ethic such that they consistently work regardless of the circumstance. It is not my place to tell them that they need to work in the same environment that has benefited me (as well as them). Their work is their business as long as they ensure that they can meet their expenses if their way doesn’t work out as anticipated. I have found that work is often not convenient. Some days, I might not even like it all. But in the end, any responsibility for career satisfaction is mine and mine alone. That’s the story I want my own daughters to understand. In all but the most catastrophic of circumstances, GoFundMe campaigns should begin in front of a mirror.

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