Hi, my name is Wendy, but I’m also known as The Launch Lady or Mom.  My most important mission to date has been to successfully raise two daughters, teach them all I could about life, and then launch them into the world so they could get real, practical experience that was far better than anything I could provide at home.  Now, I cherish my role as eager consultant to them as I prepare to launch myself into retirement.

I know you want your kids to leave home with the financial knowledge that will help them thrive while avoiding debt and other bad money decisions.  How can you be sure things will work out for them?  Well the truth is, you can’t.  But you can increase the odds if you make sure they get a practical financial education before they leave your nest.  You may have been told that discussing money was taboo.  If only the discussion of money had been more common, many could have been spared the agony of strangling debt which has now become the norm in our struggling society.   But YOUR kids are going to learn BEFORE that happens to them because you’re doing everything you can to actively teach them about money!

I know you’re wondering, “who are you and why should I listen to you?” I’ve been in a lot of roles and can probably identify with you on at least one:

  • I left home at 18 (twice) while working at a minimum wage job
    • First time was without a car and the second time was with a car and a car payment
  • I spent six years as active duty military
  • I was a stay-at-home mom where I was well acquainted with the local thrift shop
  • I’ve worked in Accounting/Finance for nearly my whole working career and am convinced I could make a good living by money that is left on the table
  • I eat, sleep, and breathe personal finance so you don’t have to
  • I am a concerned parent and citizen

Here is why I write:

  • I want to teach another 18-year-old what I wish someone had taught me
  • I want the stay-at-home parent to know that their sacrifice is honorable, and that they don’t have to be financially strapped forever
  • I want to convince parents of young adults that they’re still good parents even as they gradually shift financial responsibilities so they can save for their own retirements
  • I want to encourage, inspire, and help other parents to challenge their financial status quo
  • I want to help decimate the debt demon, one family at a time

Let me help you teach your kids about money.  I can help you get the money conversations started.  Plus I’m being very sneaky and continuing to teach my own girls since they read my blog.  If you think some of my content is too harsh, no need to feel sorry for them.  Because they are now financially independent, I was able to save enough money to take them to Hawaii.  I even sprung for the best SPF50 sunscreen that money could buy so we made it home just as white as when we left!

Oahu 2019

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